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Crisi: chi l’ha voluta e chi la paga

3 maggio 2012 6.826 views 6 Comments

Istituto Storico – Modena. Sala Giacomo Ulivi. Via Ciro Menotti, 137

18 maggio 2012 – ore 21,15

Ne parliamo con Giorgio Gatteidocente di Storia del Pensiero Economico presso Università di Bologna


Il video dell’intervento di Giorgio Gattei

 scarica il programma delle due serate


  • Oleg said:

    I’m really eoijynng this series Alfonso. I was reading this and, although the context is different, it reminded me places I’m more familiar with. Spain, for instance. There’s a disconnect between the masses and the powers that be, but there’s a rumbling at ground level and it’s getting louder all the time, isn’t it? Barcelona a fortnight ago.Anyway, I love your writing, and damn your pics are good too!Greetings from Gib.B

  • Yeni said:

    yes I believe that works, I can test it later today but I am 99% sure that wrkoed. It is the existing MDT2010 Task Sequences that won’t migrate despite installing MDT2012 on the SCCM2007 box . and sadly they are the ones with all the work in.Is there anything I need to do to the specific task sequences after installing MDT2012 to upgrade them to the new version?Cheers

  • Vittoria said:

    There are so many exquisite apteamrnts and homes in the world … and I do love looking at them.But this is one of those rare instances when I could happily leave everything in my life behind and unpack my suitcase and be right at home. Everything – everything – is my taste. And it’s in my favorite city in the world!I had planned on staying snugly tucked in during this eastern coast blizzard – but, now I have to go to the only shop in the city where I can buy an Italin AG!

  • generic cialis said:

    Cheers pal. I do appreciate the writing.

  • Nick said:

    Wow! What an elegant ,beautifully aptoniped home. I love the colors and all of the opulence. Yet it still feels very liveable. The mouldings and architecture are wonderful and then I see a balcony with a black and white striped awning. I just posted awnings as a want on my Someday list a few days ago on my blog. Love all of the images, thankyou for sharing. Kathysue

  • viagra said:

    I feel satisfied after reading that one.

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